Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted to Pairing 2012.

  • Title: On Efficient Pairings on Elliptic Curves over Extension Fields
    Authors: Xusheng Zhang, Kunpeng Wang, and Dongdai Lin
    Affiliations: State Key Laboratory of Information Security, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
  • Title: Controlled Joining on Encrypted Relational Database using Pairing
    Authors: Jun Furukawa and Toshiyuki Isshiki
    Affiliations: NEC Corporation
  • Title: Factor-4 and 6 (De)compression for Values of Pairings using Trace Maps
    Authors: Tomoko Yonemura, Taichi Isogai, Hirofumi Muratani, and Yoshikazu Hanatani
    Affiliations: Toshiba Corporation
  • Title: Core Based Architecture to Speed up Optimal Ate Pairing on FPGA Platform
    Authors: Santosh Ghosh, Ingrid Verbauwhede, and Dipanwita Roychowdhury
    Affiliations: COSIC/ESAT, K.U. Leuven, Belgium
  • Title: Compact IBE and Signatures via Asymmetric Pairings
    Authors: Jie Chen, Hede Huang, Hoon Wei Lim, San Ling, Huaxiong Wang, and Hoeteck Wee
    Affiliations: Nanyang Technological University and George Washington University
  • Title: Divisible E-Cash in the Standard Model
    Authors: Malika Izabachene and Benoit Libert
    Affiliations: ENS Cachan, France, and Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium
  • Title: Implementing Pairings at the 192-Bit Security Level
    Authors: D. Aranha, L. Fuentes-Castaneda, E. Knapp, A. Menezes, and F. Rodriguez-Henriquez
    Affiliations: University of Brasilia, CINVESTAV-IPN, and University of Waterloo
  • Title: The Tate-Lichtenbaum Pairing on a Hyperelliptic Curve via Hyperelliptic Nets
    Authors: Yukihiro Uchida and Shigenori Uchiyama
    Affiliations: Department of Mathematics and Information Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • Title: Faster Pairing Coprocessor Architecture
    Authors: Gavin Xiaoxu Yao, Junfeng Fan, Ray C.C. Cheung, and Ingrid Verbauwhede
    Affiliations: EE, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong and ESAT/SCD-COSIC, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
  • Title: Group Signatures with Message-Dependent Opening
    Authors: Yusuke Sakai, Keita Emura, Goichiro Hanaoka, Yutaka Kawai, Takahiro Matsuda, and Kazumasa Omote
    Affiliations: U. Electro-Communications, JAIST, AIST, and University of Tokyo
  • Title: Forward-Secure Hierarchical Predicate Encryption
    Authors: Juan González Nieto, Mark Manulis, and Dongdong Sun
    Affiliations: Queensland University of Technology, Australia and University of Surrey, UK
  • Title: An Improved Twisted Ate Pairing Over Brezing-Weng Elliptic Curves with $k=18$
    Authors: Shan Chen, Kunpeng Wang, and Dongdai Lin
    Affiliations: State Key Laboratory of Information Security, China
  • Title: Fully Secure Hidden Vector Encryption
    Authors: Angelo De Caro, Vincenzo Iovino, and Giuseppe Persiano
    Affiliations: UniversitĂ  di Salerno, Italy
  • Title: Stronger Security Model for Public Key Encryption with Equality Test
    Authors: Yao Lu, Rui Zhang, and Dongdai Lin
    Affiliations: State Key Laboratory Of Information Security, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Title: Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curve Families with Explicit Jacobian Order Evaluation and Pairing-Friendly Constructions
    Authors: Aurore Guillevic and Damien Vergnaud
    Affiliations: Thales Communications Security S.A. and Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris
  • Title: Tate Pairing Computation on Jacobi's Elliptic Curves
    Authors: Emmanuel Fouotsa and Sylvain Duquesne
    Affiliations: Université de Yaoundé and Université de Rennes 1
  • Title: Short Pairing-Efficient Threshold-Attribute-Based Signature
    Authors: Martin Gagné and Shivaramakrisnan Narayan and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini
    Affiliations: Université Joseph Fourier and University of Calgary

The industrial track will feature:

  • Title: Improved Broadcast Encryption Scheme with Constant Ciphertext
    Authors: Renaud Dubois, Aurore Guillevic, and Marine Sengelin Le Breton
    Affiliations: Thales Communications and Security and Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris
  • Title: Affine Pairings on ARM
    Authors: Tolga Acar, Kristin Lauter, Michael Naehrig, and Daniel Shumow
    Affiliations: Microsoft Research and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  • Title: On the Implementation of a Pairing-based Cryptographic Protocol in a Constrained Device
    Authors: Sébastien Canard, Nicolas Desmoulinsi, Julien Devigne, and Jacques Traoré
    Affiliations: Orange Labs